Home Seller Tips in Billings MT

Selling your home can be an overwhelming process – unforeseen repairs and financing issues are only two in a long list of concerns. Don’t let these stressors overshadow the importance of preparing your home to sell.

With all the steps that go into selling a home, it’s easy to forget about things like room temperature and lighting. But making sure your home is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can significantly impact purchase decisions and ultimately drive offers.

When preparing your property for an open house, try to imagine yourself as an outsider, walking into your home for the first time. Would you notice dusty light fixtures? Unfluffled cushions? Frayed throw rugs? Pet toys?

Here’s a list of the top things to consider when selling a home:

1.) Climate Control

As a Montana homeowner, you may be accustomed to bundling up with sweaters and slippers to avoid hefty utility bills in
the winter. But maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is a simple, yet crucial step toward influencing
buyer decisions.

• HVAC systems are often loud and distracting. If it’s warm outside, cool the house to a degree slightly lower
than usual and set the temperature to normal before showing the home.
• If it’s cold enough to warrant extra layers, turn on the heat!

2.) Light it Up

• Flip on every light in the house, even appliance, closet, and accent lights.
• If the house has dark or windowless rooms, brighten them up by placing additional lights behind furniture.
• Look for opportunities to increase natural light – open all window and glass-door coverings, unless they expose
undesirable features or landmarks.
• Clear screens of debris/dirt to draw more light into the home.

3.) Lawn Maintenance

You don’t have to have a green thumb to notice unruly weeds. Pick up your gloves and get to work!
• Pull weeds, rake leaves, sweep garage/shed floors, and mow grassy areas.
• If it’s hot outside, oversaturate your lawn with water in the early morning and late evening to promote a
healthy-looking yard during the day.

4.) Clean out your Closet

Buyers want to know that your home has adequate storage space. Closets, cabinets, and attics should appear tidy and

5.) Let your Bathrooms Shine

Bathrooms make or break property sales, so don’t neglect this space. Think about the nicest hotel or spa you’ve ever
visited and try to mimic this look.
• Remove Clutter – Hide all shampoo bottles, razors, loofahs and other items in a cabinet or closet. Clean and
polish areas of the tub/shower where these items usually sit.
• Jagged Edges – Check and repair damaged caulking, tiles, and faucets.
• Play up the Display – Replace mismatched and faded towels with matching ones. Display your best shower curtains
and bath mats.

6.) Pricing is Everything

This may be the last step, but by no means does it hold less importance than the others. It doesn’t matter how
immaculate your home looks after preparing to sell, listing your home at a fair price makes all the difference.
• Be fair to yourself – You’re not doing yourself any favors by pricing the home too low. This leaves less room
for negotiation between buyer and seller and if unexpected repair costs come into the mix, you’ll often sell for
lower than you anticipated.
• Be realistic and do your research – Prospective buyers are expert researchers. Be prepared to answer their
concerns about neighborhood growth, traffic, etc. If your home is overpriced, this information will inevitably
get back to them.